We offer shipment by container and Car Carrier (Ro-Ro) vessels. If shipped by container, vehicles are secured inside weather-proof, sealed, steel containers for their journey. Our team of professionals ensure that each vehicle is secured in an appropriate manner to ensure a safe arrival at destination.

Shipment by Car Carrier also offers weather-proof transportation. Cars are driven onboard the vessel, secured for transit below decks, sealed from the elements, and driven off at destination. Vehicles must be in drivable condition with working brakes. Our shipping services cover most ports and destinations worldwide.

We can offer full Door to Door services if required including all relevant customs documentation. Our car shipping services cover Australia and New Zealand, USA and Canada, Cyprus, Malta, South Africa and West Africa, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore and many other countries not listed.

We serve the UK ports of Felixstowe, Southampton, Thames port, London, Tilburg, Hull, Liverpool, Bristol, Birmingham, Sheerness. Along with Imports and Exports to and from the UK we also off a 'cross-trade' service. EG - USA to Australia, Europe to USA and any other routes. We also have regular services calling to and from main ports in Europe such as Antwerp, Zeebrugge, Rotterdam, Bremerhaven.